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Maison Olga Macià

About Olga Macia: Barcelona, 1979. She studied at the School of Design and Fashion Felicidad Duce (FELI) www.fdmoda.com. Her first passion and emotions release channel was drawing. Later, dance gave sensitive and vital. Merging these two emotional elements, drawing and dance, she discovered her vocation for fashion design.

Among the designers that have inspired her, conceptually include the Italian Elsa Schiaparelli, known to his fans as the surrealist designer, through overlapping garments. Although in this case, Olga Macia, is guided by realistic lines, rescuing only the concept Schiaparelli’s of all in one, to create a woman with a complete and sophisticated look that seamlessly integrates your personality clothing.

At first, Olga Macia was creative designer for 6 years of the brand Mango. Once its cooperation with the firm, dining from the top of a terrace, noticed that one of her designs had been selected for a global advertising campaign and was exposed on a giant poster. At this time she felt it was the signal that the universe sent her to start her business career and open her own atelier.

“Currently, Olga Macià has a haute couture atelier, where she designs and commercializes national and international delicacies.”