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Traje de lentejuelas Olga Macia


27-05-2021 no comments

Do you think it is possible to wear sequins during the day? I tell you YES … a thousand times Yes. It is a reality that sequin pieces fit almost everyone. No, I am not lying to you. It is a fun texture that gives movement and its shine brings luminosity to our expression. And […]

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Olga macia

Dressing with Elegance and Sensuality

17-03-2021 no comments

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Wedding dress


17-02-2021 no comments

Tell me, at the time of creating how do you get inspired? ]]>

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Militar way!

Military way!

28-01-2021 no comments

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19-01-2021 no comments

I have always loved yellow and I have never been afraid of it, a clear example is this ideal monkey that I have long believed and that is one of my darlings. And there are many reasons to use yellow in our day to day. This color is cheerful, bright and increases the luxury of […]

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If we talk about ponchos…

10-01-2017 no comments

Without a doubt one of the strongest tendencies of this Autumn-Winter are the layers and ponchos. Well yes, as all fashion returns, this particular has not been an exception. Already a few years ago it was seen how it gradually resurfaced, and this has been the year in which has poked the head with more […]

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Treatise on elegance

10-01-2017 no comments

Many times I have been asked about concepts as linked to fashion as Elegance. What is elegant? Is elegance innate or can be acquired? Is elegance synonymous with money? Some women say they do not look elegant because they do not have the good call an> Many times I have been asked about concepts as […]

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Blogs that inspire: Tuula Vintage

10-01-2017 no comments

You know that I love to bring blogs and spaces that manage to inspire me and make me dream. One of them is certainly Tuula Vintage, the place where Jessica Stein takes us by the hand to enjoy remote places and look glamorous. One of the things I like about Jessica is You know that […]

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