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Farewell to one of the great

10-01-2017 no comments

A few days ago we woke up with the sad news of the death of one of the greatest fashion artists, Oscar de la Renta. We, the team of the Maison Olga Macià, want to dedicate the post of the week to this great designer, remembering his great achievements A few days ago we woke […]

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Changing The Closet

07-01-2017 no comments

This week we welcome you to the Autumn at our Maison. Already are the days of the beach, the terraces and the summer looks. And it is with great courage that we face this new season, in which we will share many things and new projects with you This week we welcome you to the […]

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To the Beat of Fashion

06-01-2017 no comments

Como diseñadora, debo confesar que una de las cosas qué más me gusta en el mundo, es ver un desfile. Sé por propia experiencia que es uno de los momentos más importantes del año para un diseñador y por ello, cuando presencio uno, lo vivo con ilusión y respeto. Pero también debo Como diseñadora, debo […]

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Fashion Paris Week

05-01-2017 no comments

If a few weeks ago we were talking about the weeks of fashion in New York and Madrid, now it’s the turn to Milan and Paris. Without wanting to despise when estardarte of the Italian fashion, today we want to focus on the catwalks Paris. Much is baked inside and outside the Parisian palaces If […]

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Adjusting the corset

04-01-2017 no comments

In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to work with a very dear client who needed a dazzling look for a wedding. It has been a very interesting job since the centerpiece of the dress was an elegant corset. Thanks to this recent experience I have been thinking about the In recent weeks I […]

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