It is not uncommon for the people closest to me to see how, in the most unexpected place, I take a pencil and paper and start creating. This is certainly one of the typical characteristics of a fashion designer.

Different elements are included in the creative process of a fashion designer: memory, perception, the ability to associate ideas, the process of information received, analogies and other aspects such as intuition, emotions and feelings.

That is why when designing a collection, as when creating a piece with a client, different aspects of my personality, as well as moments lived in the past, emotions and current reality are mixed.

If you are starting in fashion design or are interested in this sector, I have to tell you that the main thing you should be clear about is your creative concept, the essence that you want the piece or collection to convey. In my case, I usually capture this creative concept by drawing dolls that later come to life.

I show you an example of a sketch and a final result of a piece from my ENIGMA COLLECTION.

Tell me, at the time of creating how do you get inspired?

Olga Macià

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