Traje de lentejuelas Olga Macia

Sequins suit Olga Macia in ELLE Bulgaria

Do you think it is possible to wear sequins during the day? I tell you YES … a thousand times Yes.

It is a reality that sequin pieces fit almost everyone. No, I am not lying to you. It is a fun texture that gives movement and its shine brings luminosity to our expression. And why not say it, it lifts our spirits because they feel great.

Now, many of you think that it is only allowed to use them at night, in important events. I always tell you that what is “allowed” is for you to be true to yourself and if you want to wear a garment that makes you feel good, do it.A trick to wear them during the day is to wear a unique piece combined with more casual garments. That way you won’t overload the look.

You can bet on brightly colored sequins. We are very used to seeing black, white, silver and gold sequins; But how about using a different color? Yellow, mauve or blue can be perfect shades for the day.

If you are still in doubt, I would recommend that you start with classic pieces like a blazer for a work environment. Or on the other hand a sequin blouse combining it with a jean, why not? That way you will encourage yourself to risk more.

Will you dare to try the sequin trend in the middle of the day?

Olga Macià


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