If we talk about ponchos…

Without a doubt one of the strongest tendencies of this Autumn-Winter are the layers and ponchos. Well yes, as all fashion returns, this particular has not been an exception. Already a few years ago it was seen how it gradually resurfaced, and this has been the year in which has poked the head with more force.

The most famous layer is the well-known (and very seen, for my taste) of Burberry Prorsum. All famous and models usually wear it customized to complement their looks.

But already Chanel in its Prefall 2014 parade also gave us its version on the layers and ponchos. A very old-fashioned version of the West, it must be said.

I’ll be honest. This style is not the one I like the most. Although one of the strongest trends these days is the cowboy style with fringes, boots and hat, I wish we could give it a spin on these pieces and take it to another plane. I think this style is very obvious and not enough to go to the office.

Perhaps more in the style of Miroslava Duma? She manages to wear it with very chic looks.

It is here when I ask myself, how should we wear these layers and ponchos? With skirts, jeans or leggings we could create very interesting looks. Even so, we must take into account several details:

If we wear skirts, we should try that the length is a little below the poncho, since it would seem that we were naked.

Try to combine it with more tight clothing or that mark our body. It would not do any good hiding under several loose pieces as it would make us look much bigger than we are.

If we are going to carry a bag, we should try not to hang it on our shoulder. That is, no straps or shoppers as they would end up with the look we are looking for.

Try a look with high boots or wide boot jeans. Sure you’ll be surprised.

Olga Macià


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