As de Corazones

The Ace of Hearts as the winning card of love is the door that brides use to make their most important selection, their soulmate. This collection features backs with heart-shaped necklines, fantasy fabrics like sequins and mirrors.

Vuelta al Ruedo

This collection is inspired by a bride who conquers the square and handles the criticism as best she can. Tulle and fantasy fabrics like embossed flowers predominate in the collection.

Cool Vintage

With the Cool Vintage collection comes a nostalgic glamor that fuses with the modern woman.


Special Party

With fabrics of a highly elaborated structure, with different reliefs in the same piece, making it unique and exclusive. This is the Party collection.



Within the Redes collection, we find pieces made by hand, with special finishes to give it the touch of glamor.


Casual Luxury

The Casual Luxury collection aims to make sophisticated women a practical and functional woman without losing their light.


Spontaneous Nature

Inspired by Nature, its shapes and tones flow organically, resulting in a collection that highlights the most beautiful forms of women.


Caribbean Fashion Couture

Uncovered shoulders and backs, necklines and braided straps. Silhouettes adjusted under noble fabrics that emphasize the femininity of the woman.


Cocktel Dresses

A collection designed for modern women who should be dazzling both for a glamorous event and for an informal event at any time.


Cocktel On The Boat

Noble fabrics with informal character, collection to delight those who see and give comfort and security to whoever wears it.



A collection designed for specific women who know exactly what they want out of life and who are giving a new opportunity for love.